*1997 Klagenfurt
2007-2015 BRG Viktring-Klagenfurt, Art 
2016-2018 Die Graphische, Photography and audiovisual Media

To me, photography is a way of transmitting my way of living/thinking through a medium, which has the power to be visible. Its like asking yourself the same question a hundred of times, but still you can’t really figure out an answer. Then, suddenly, someone asks you exactly this one question. While you are trying to answer it, you finally figured it out. Just through talking, speaking it out loud, you gain a new perspective on things.

That is what photography means to me: it describes an unconscious process. While producing pictures, I don’t think much.

Again, the selection procedure relies on my gut instinct.
After that, the conscious process starts. I now begin to reflect my subconsciousness through these pictures, finding the idea behind and connecting them with a story. Then I try to find terms which are describing this content of cognition, and suddenly the work is supported by a concept.

Afterwards you can always tell why, because you got to look at these things from a different perspective.

I am aware that I am in a state of an ongoing process. Since I am developing as a person, my work will do the same. 

Ira Grünberger